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  4. Thursday, 15 November 2018
Can anyone point me to a basic 4/4 country arp drumbeat
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Bad Mister
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Place the Drum Kit you wish to use in a PART
Select that Part
Press [EDIT]
Make sure the lower [COMMON] button is lit
The selected Part number and “Common” appear in blue in the lower left corner of the screen
Touch “Arpeggio” in column one > touch “Individual” in column two.
Here you can assign an Arpeggio phrase to this Drum Kit. There are 8 ARP SELECT slots - you can place a different Phrase in each.

Touch the box next to "ARP1", the pop-in menu with “Category Search” appears...

In the upper right (under the magnifying glass) Type in the letters “country”
Select "Drum/Perc" as the Main Category:
The Arp phrases appear in purple.
Use your cursor arrows or the Page Up/Down buttons to navigate

Turn on the main [ARP ON/OFF] button
Press [EXIT] to return to the Part Edit screen > touch “Arpeggio” > “Common” > make the settings you’d like for this Arp phrase typically, you’ll want to set HOLD = ON
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Thank you sir.... I appreciate the help... Love my Montage
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