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  1. sdm
  3. Monday, 30 December 2019

I currently own a MODX8 and recently purchased a Montage 7.

When I receive my Montage 7, I would like to copy my MODX User Performances (and Libraries) to the Montage.

Can I simply save my MODX library, etc. and load them into the Montage? Or do I need to use the John Melas MODX/Montage software to convert and then load?

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Bad Mister
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The MONTAGE cannot read the MODX files directly.
You can move data between the MONTAGE and the MODX in several ways...

The Soundmondo App allows the MONTAGE to import Performances made on a MODX as long as the data uses factory Waveforms and Arpeggios, but will do nothing for Libraries that are likely to contain custom Waveforms or custom Arpeggios.

The John Melas Tools (MONTAGE Waveform Editor and Total Librarian) allow you to elegantly move MODX data (including custom Waveforms and Arpeggios) to a MONTAGE.

Once you have both, you’ll find the MODX (2018) can read MONTAGE (2016) data, without much problem (the MODX has 1GB of Flash, the MONTAGE has 1.75GB, however, so there is that difference).

If your Libraries do not contain custom Waveforms, Arpeggios... you can use Soundmondo to move data (one-by-one).
If you are planning on getting deep into programming with your synths, the Melas Tools are highly recommended.
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I already own the John Melas tools and was not sure if this was the method to use.

Based on your response I will use the tool then.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi, use the waveform Editor to do this ;)
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