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  4. Saturday, 10 October 2015
A. In one of the presets in PERFROM mode I found a good piano sound in one of the parts and now i want to take all the elements and put them on the piano sound in VOICE mode.is it possible?
I have tried to go one by one but i can't find the "VelSenesDpt" and "VelSensOfs" parameters in VOICE mode.
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Bad Mister
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A. In one of the presets in PERFROM mode I found a good piano sound in one of the parts and now i want to take all the elements and put them on the piano sound in VOICE mode.is it possible?
I have tried to go one by one but i can't find the "VelSenesDpt" and "VelSensOfs" parameters in VOICE mode.
First, thank you for the question. We will need to correct some of the terminology (always the most difficult part of learning any subject). The terminology here will be important because Yamaha has redefined some common usage words to mean specific things within the MOXF synthesizer engine. For example, "VOICE" is the word used for the mode where the basic instrument sounds are programmed. When Yamaha hired the programmers that worked on the MOXF, they worked on creating the VOICES.

PERFORMANCES are simply combinations of different VOICES. VOICES are the serious work and has the more in depth parameters.

So as an example, the Preset VOICE called "Full Concert Grand" takes great expertise in programming to create. Same goes for the "Medium Large Section" string VOICE. Each has 7 or 8 Elements, and each Element is individual programmed to do something specific within the Voice.

A PERFORMANCE that combines "Full Concert Grand" (Part 1) and "Medium Large Section" (Part 2) does not take any great expertise to program. You are taking a complete fully programmed Voice and combining it with another complete fully programmed Voice.

That needs to be said, here is what it means. The VOICE is the basic fundamental playable program in the MOXF. A Voice is created by combining 8 Waveforms. Each Voice is made up of as many as 8 Elements - an Element is a set of parameters that include one Waveform, a Filter and Filter Envelope Generator, an Amplifier and Amplitude Envelope Generator, routing to effects etc., etc. So each Element could be one component in building a VOICE - some Voices are made from just 1 Element - for example, the huge full orchestral Waveform used in the VOICE "Ens Mix" (Ensemble Mixture includes violins, violas, cellos, contrbasses all together in a single stereo sampled Waveform). A Voice could also be made where each Element is some small component, like a single velocity layer across the keys... as is the case in many Voices where there is a soft strike, medium strike and hard strike set of samples. Elements allow the programmer to literally BUILD a VOICE by individual components.

Contrast this with PERFORMANCE mode where you simply take the finished VOICE and combine it in a playable program with another finished VOICE... You can no longer access the individual VOICE "ELEMENTS" when a VOICE is placed in a PART (PART is a set of parameters that include one VOICE, and allows you to apply a set of overall OFFSET parameters to it. For example, say you only want to play the Full Concert Grand above middle "C" (C3), and you want the Medium Large Section in the left hand "B2" and below... well "PART" parameters would allow you to simply set a NOTE LIMIT region for the VOICE placed in that PART. So without having to store a new version of the Voice, Part parameters are 'applied' to the Voices without having to destructively edit the original data. This allows the Full a Concert Grand to be used in many different Performances and edited differently in each one.

But if you want to get to the individual Elements, within a Voice, that can only be done in VOICE mode.

So when I read your question, I can tell you are not using the terminology of the MOXF. VOICES are individual instruments. 4 VOICE can be placed in a PERFORMANCE. A PERFORMANCE has 4 PARTS, one VOICE can occupy a PART.

You cannot take all of the components of a PERFORMANCE and "put them on the piano sound in VOICE mode" No... neither the terminology, nor the architecture will allow it.

"VelSensDpt" or Velocity Sensitivity Depth and "VelSensOfs" Velocity Sensitivity Offset are PART parameters (and are found only when you are Editing a PART). You, quite naturally, will not find these in VOICE mode. Again VOICE mode is where the heavy programming is done. You can program the ACTUAL Velocity Sensitivity response and Depth per Element within the VOICE... The parameters VelSensDpt, and VelSensOfs are PART parameter and allow the performer to quickly apply an overall change to entire VOICE... so when you alter the Velocity Sensitivity here it applies to all 8 Elements within the VOICE. When you actually go to VOICE mode, you can see the VELOCITY SENSITIVITY parameters for each individual Element.

it would be too cumbersome to have to adjust 8 individual oscillators (Elements) when all you want to do is make it response quicker overall.

So one is OVERALL, the other is MICROSCOPIC. When you alter the Velocity Sensitivity Depth and/or the Velocity Sensitivity Offset you are applying this to the entire VOICE in that PART, all 8 Elements together. When you drop into Voice mode and navigate to the Amplitude area, you will find the LEVEL and SENSITIVITY per Element. So each of the 8 Elements within a Voice could have a completely different setting (microscopic), yet when place in a PART (like in PERFORMANCE mode) you can adjust all 8 with a single parameter. Hope that helps with the definition and modes and a bit of the terminology.
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Hi and thank you for your answer.
I need to be more specific to explain what I need.

In the PERFEORM mode there is a preset called "Jazz Lounge". In this preset there is a piano voice "Intimate S6" in part 3.
Now, I love the sound of it and I don't know what effect or other things they programmed there that make the piano sound like this.
I don't know If it's only in part 3 or overall the preset,
What I did is to mute all other parts in the preset and play in PERFORM mode only with the "Intimate S6" in part 3.
Now, I want to go to the "Intimate S6" in VOICE mode and to program it to be sound like in the "Intimate S6" in the PERFORM mode so that I could play on this voice on the VOICE mode.
So my question is how do I find if the effect or other things that make this piano sound like this is overall the preset or just on the "Intimate S6" in part 3,
and how do I find the specific effect or parameter in the PERFORM mode that makes the "Intimate S6" in part 3 sound like this, and programming the "IntimateS6" in VOICE mode to be sound the same.
I hope now I've been more understood (:
Thank you very much
Bad Mister
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As mentioned in the previous answer, when you edit in a Performance you are changing a set of parameters that add to or subtract from the original VOICE mode setting. I suggest you use this curiosity about this Voice to learn what has been added (or offset) to the Voice "Intimate S6" and the Performance Part#3 "Intimate S6".

Performance PART edit parameters customize the Preset Voice for use in a combination with other Voices.

Let's begin by going to Voice mode and studying the original Voice "Intimate S6"
Playing it and then immediately playing the PERFORMANCE "Jazz Lounge", you can hear a difference in loudness and reverb amount.

And when looking at the Performance PART parameters, none of them have been offset or changed from the original Voice. Volume has been increased from 107 to 125, and Reverb Send amount increased from 13 to 20

If you have used PART parameters to customize the Intimate S6 Voice in this Performance, you gain nothing by trying to put it back in Voice mode. Simply play it from Performance mode. A Performance can be used for as many as four Voices but nothing prevents you from creating a Perfirmance for just a single Voice. Simply deactivate the other Parts and Store the Performance.
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