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  2. MODX Series Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 17 May 2020
I have some libraries downloaded on a usb stick, which I can load on my modx.

I would like to save those voices/performances, in a standard library for the modx, but I don't seem to be able to do so.

Loaded the "expand your world" library from the yamaha website, which is in X0A file for the Motif; it load in library1 position (not in the user library), and it is about 300 mb. I tried then to go to utility page and save it as library (so as MODX library file, X8L), although the output is 95 mb or so, instead of 300. deleted this library, loaded another one that was 130 mb, and saved it as library; and when I checked the 2 libraries they were the same exact size. That did tell me that I did not save the files correctly.

I checked the manual and can't find anything in it; so I hope someone can guide me through the process. I would like to import supported files for older devices, and export them as x8L files; so I can manage the presets with the Melas tools. Thanks!
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"XSpand Your World" is an example of a library that is not compatible with Montage or MODX. "Inspiration In A Flash" is similarly incompatible.

Source: https://www.yamahasynth.com/ask-a-question/finally-montage-is-fully-compatible-with-motif#reply-27555
The data assembled for the promotional giveaways, contained data from several sources. In some of the data, either to repair or prevent the use of the data beyond the promotional purposes, some Waveforms were replaced with the LPC or WXC format Waveforms. This format was readable by the MOTIF and MO series, but does not translate to MONTAGE. MONTAGE can reach as far back as ES for Voice Data, as far back as the XS for Waveform Data, but it cannot translate these two particular older formats. When you look at the data in the Melas Waveform Editor, you can see that it is sometimes used for a single Keybank among others or just a few Keybanks (which makes it looks like a repair to data), and some times the entire sound is made in one of these formats... which could mean it was used with permission for this one purpose.

Either way, these sounds were gathered from data that did not make it into some product either because the category was covered already... or whatever. They were in many cases “extra content”, that’s typically one of the sources of promotional content.... when Yamaha samples an instrument there can be, literally terabytes of data generated. How and when it gets formatted for a product can be the result of different sound design teams from around the world working on the data. If we can hunt down the originators of the “XSpand Your World” and “Inspiration In a Flash” Libraries we can find out about the use of these other Waveform formats in the data...

Now, whether the LPC or WXC Data was inserted to ‘fix/repair’ certain Keybank problems or to prevent the data from finding itself being ported into other products... the fact remains, the new MONTAGE engine which now can read 24-bit Waveform data, cannot decipher that older LPC/WXC data, in part or whole. It is quite possibly now too old a format for MONTAGE to read.

I’ve asked around, best I can find out/figure... the LPC and WXC formats aren’t used any longer. And as far as I know are found in the promotional Libraries only. So it’s unlikely you will run into it in other Motif or Montage Libraries. That’s as best as I could find out...
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Thanks, that would explain why I could not get it to work.
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