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  1. Raymund
  2. MODX Series Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Trying to get my workflow right for live use. I have an external Studiologic 88 keyboard with pedal switches connected to it, controlling the MODX. The issue with the Studiologic multi pedal I bought: I cannot program the pedals to a specific midi CC: they are fixed on CC 66, 67 and 64 (soft / sostenuto / damper CC).

My goal is to switch on and off a solo sound (part) in a performance with a pedal. So I thought let's try this via an assign button with latch setting. If I can switch on Assing1 button by midi CC, and link Assign 1 to control part volume, then I am done! I changed the Midi CC of Assign 1 to 67, and in the control menu of the solo part I assign this to a part volume parameter. So far so good, it worked (thanks Bad Mr and Jason, I am beginning to understand the MODX thanks to you).

But what I overlooked: when controlling the Assign button via a pedal with midi CC 67, the latch function does not work. So, I must depress my pedal as long as I play the solo which is not handy because I cannot use the damper control unless I make acrobatic moves.

My question: is there something to overcome this? Or, is my way of achieving wat I want way to complicated and must I look in another direction to solve this?

Regards, Raymund
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Bad Mister
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The “latch” function is determined, in this instance, by the type of pedal. A “momentary” pedal will behave so that you must be engaging the pedal to activate the On (127) function. When you release the pedal it returns to Off (0). If you connect a clickable On/Off pedal, its behavior will be that of a “latch”... one click for On, next click for Off.

Connect a clickable Foot Switch to the MODX Assignable Foot Switch jack.
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... adding/clarifying:

When you set the assignable switch to latch or momentary - this is a property of the physical button on MODX. This setting does not extend out to any other sources of change for the assignable switch's CC value (like footswitch). Here's a picture for illustrative purposes:


A footswitch is only "0" as long as the footswitch is open. And the footswitch is "127" as long as the footswitch is closed. Momentary vs. latched therefore must be a property of the foot switch itself as there is no setting in MODX to alter the fixed relationship of "closed" vs. "open" and the resulting values stated here and previously in the thread.
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