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  1. Cosma
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 03 August 2016
Hi there,

as I'm trying to approach more deeply into the voices of this keyboard (MOXF8) I find myself in some trouble in getting things to work the way I want, and this issue is pretty urgent. The problem I'm having is the following: the voice Disco AF1 in the String category, can be changed using the AF1 button indeed, but, getting my hands on the buttons while performing is particularly uncomfortable. For this reason I decided to opt for a foot switch that could do the same thing. For other voices I used the FS to control the FC(04) and then I configured the CTLSET accordingly.

However I'm having trouble in figuring out where this "voice change" setting is located for this specific voice. I searched in CTLSET and I couldn't find it. How can I substitute the AF1 with the FS for this particular voice?? Am I missing something?
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Bad Mister
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If you take the Voice apart, you can better see/understand how it works. Then maybe you can get the behaviors you need by reassigning control.

Press [EDIT]
The bottom row of buttons on the right front panel indicate that this Voice is made up of six Elements: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7

You can mute Elements to hear their individual contributions.
Buttons 1-8 Select Elements
Buttons 9-16 Mute/Solo Elements

You will discover:
Elements 1 and 2 play at all times at all velocities 1-127
Element 3 plays velocities 1-100
Element 4 and 5 play velocities 101-127
Element 7 plays only when AF1 is engaged.

You can verify this by using number buttons 1-8 to view the Element parameters
Press [1] to view Element 1
Press [F1] OSC
Press [SF1] WAVE to view XA CONTROL - this allows the Element to play only at specific times. All are set to "normal" except 7, which is "AF1 On"
So when "AF1 is On" this Element will sound.
Press [SF3] LIMIT to view those velocity limits

If you would wish to control this with the assignable Foot Switch, you must make the FS = the same controller number as the [AF1] button - which is cc86. This is a global assignment.
Set the FS = 86

Hope that helps.
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Following your explanation was really straight-forward and it all worked flawlessly! Really thank you Bad Mister! ;)

Excuse me another question: where is a list of all the 100 assignable channels with the respective functions? Because it may come in handy for the FS sometimes.
Bad Mister
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You don't mean "channels" you mean Control Destinations. And not all are suitable for a Foot Switch (remember: a foot switch is either On/Off and is always a "momentary" controller... So this limits what practically you would assign to it. For example, volume as a destination would yield 0 or 127, and would only remain activated while your foot holds the pedal down) so choosing a Control Destination should always be done with dome thought.

Control Destination list is in the DATA LIST (PDF) booklet.
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