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  3. Saturday, 09 February 2019

I have here the Yamaha SW1000XG and DS2416 card (yeah old stuff), but without the cable to connect these to each other.
That cable would be a 14 to 16 pins cable with IDC connectors.
I probably can DIY this cable but...

Yet, what two pins are not connected here ?
Does anyone have this cable or a good and clear photo ?

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Bad Mister
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Yet, what two pins are not connected here ?
Educated guess, it’s 15 and 16... which are listed as not used.
1 and 2 are the Analog, 3-14 are the 12 PCI

From the SW1000XG Manual
“When the default settings are selected, Part 1 will Analog 1, Part 2 will be Analog 2, Part 3 will be PCI 1, Part 4 will be PCI 2, continuing until Part 14 is PCI 12.”

That stuff was cutting edge 20 years ago! 20-bit Audio! ASIO was still new, and Windows NT roamed the planet. Congrats on keeping things running this long...

See page 12 of this PDF of the SW1000xg Manual... “Installing the Digital Mixing Card” — it indicates the flat cable with the green line (and “I” connector) comes with the DS2416.
SW1000xg PDF
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