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  3. Friday, 05 June 2020
How do I connect my MoXF to my Studio Monitors ?
I dont have a separate Audio interface and want to use MoXF as my only audio interace

Will a normal TS cable be sufficient for this connection?
I doubt cause my studio monitor manual says, beside TRS and XLR "(Can use unbalanced TS 1/4 inch cables,but these are far more susceptible to noise)"
So what cables should I use?

PS: My setup:
Yamaha MoXF
Studio Monitors
Midi Cable (to connect Moxf to DAW for programming)
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Bad Mister
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unbalanced TS 1/4 inch cables... they are more susceptible to noise if you exceed 20ft. So no worries at all. Studio Monitors should be placed within 3-4 feet of the listener. Purchase the appropriate length of standard TS 1/4” cable to do the job.
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Thank you for the quick reply
Okay will go with the TS 1/4 inch cables

But,I came across 3 different types of TS 1/4 inch cables
1)Instrument Cable
2)Speaker Cable
3)Microphone cable

Which one of these should be used in my scenario?
Bad Mister
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1) Instrument cable

Extra Credit
Instrument cables, commonly called “guitar cables”, “signal cable”, unbalanced, TS (Tip-Sleeve) contain two wires one (encased in a covering) to carry the electrons, the second is wrapped around the casing of the first to form the shield. The longer an instrument cable is the better antenna it becomes (That’s where the reputation about noise comes from) — never buy an instrument cable more than 20 feet (unless you need an antenna)... and never, ever buy a curly cable — those are deceptively super long and susceptible to become antennas even at moderate lengths. A straight 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 15ft, even 20ft cables are terrible as antenna, (making them perfect for short runs like instrument to amplification systems) and therefore can be used for your instrument with no worries. Connectors are male on both ends.

Speaker cables, try never to use this type of cable in a situation where you need an instrument cable, or vice versa!!! Here there are two wires in the cable, they are each encased, separately. Designed to carry Powered signal... like directly from a power amplifier’s terminals to a passive (unpowered) speaker. Although they may have 1/4” plugs — they should never, ever be used in place of an instrument cable. ‘Speaker cable‘ - think lamp cord... two completely separate copper wires used to move POWER. Connectors are male on both ends... but should never be used connected to your instrument... used strictly to move massive amounts of power from an amp to a speaker that needs power. The two copper wires must be kept completely separate or very bad electrical nightmares ensue — shorts, fires, scary stuff. Power amps can be outputting hundreds of Watts of power — and like the Ghostbusters, you don’t want to cross the streams!

Microphone cables are inappropriate as the end that receives the Microphone is a female connector...
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