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  4. Tuesday, 09 May 2017

I want to travel light and have some softsynths, multitrack-backgrounds and a audio-efx etc. that I try to put into a small RPi without screen.
All I need is a driver to connect my moxf to RPi (linux) using USB so both audio and midi works.

I do not want to use my USB-audio interface and also an USB-midi-interface, I want a usb-linux-moxf-driver.

I have heard that yamaaha does not like linux and do not make drivers but... I also read that the OS of the MOXF/MOTIF and maybe the montage is linux....

If the core-files and the kernel is the same then it should be easy to fix for yamaha? Its much more easy to bring a RPi then a whole laptop... and maybe the driver also works for android (based upon linux...) for us not using IOs...

So. Is there a driver? Where? Are yamaha going to relese a driver? Have heard that there is a lot of people locking for it....

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