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  1. jameson
  2. reface
  3. Sunday, 28 January 2018
Hello, maybe this isn't possible, but I wanted to post on here just in case. I have a MFB-522 Drumcomputer, it only has MIDI in and I'm trying to clock/trigger it with the DX looper (or even LFO if that could happen). I've updated firmware to 1.3. I've made sure both units are on the same MIDI channel. Usually I trigger the 522 with a sequencer or arpeggiator on another hardware synth I own. When the arp or sequence starts, the 522 starts it's sequence. I figured maybe when a quantized loop starts, it might trigger the 522, but nothing happens. So, if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
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Should work fine with the looper at least. I'd love to see BPM-sync and the ability to remove the key trigger on the LFO for this little guy... Maybe we can beg Yamaha to do another update.

Anyway, I just tested this with my Reface DX and Roland TR-626 and it works as expected.

Set the TR-626 to sync to MIDI clock, connected it's MIDI IN jack to the MIDI OUT jack on the Reface DX's break-out cable.
Set the BPM on the looper, and make sure you don't have anything hooked to it's MIDI IN that's transmitting a clock or it'll automatically switch to external sync.

Drums start and stop when I start/stop the looper. The only annoying thing is when you first record the loop, after you press stop, it will re-start playing the loop out of sync with the drums. Stop/start again solves that.
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