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  1. Geoff
  2. S70/90XS
  3. Wednesday, 21 June 2017
To some, this may seem like such a stupid question, but I did google and search out an answer, and no joy.

My used X90XS has quite a lot of "crap" on the face of the keyboard panel. I would like to clean it up.

I would assume that a damp, not wet, but just damp rag should be used but wonder if there is another bit of advise.

I once cleaned the microwave with goo-gone to get sticker off of it, and it literally destroyed the LCD display with what I thought was almost no pressure.

Considering that there is crud on it that probably will not come off with plain water, are there any suggestions?

I would of course use the lightest of pressure too.... that is a given.

Thanks all
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Maybe I should have cleaned my glasses first. I meant "S".

Computer is down and I am using a silly tablet the size of my hand. The font size is ridiculous......
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Bad Mister
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Page 5: "When cleaning the instrument, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use paint thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated wiping cloths."

Keep liquids away from your electronics.
Never spray anything on an instrument that is on or plugged in.
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I tried but the "guck" I think will have to stay then. I was going to try baby wipes but I think they might be considered chemical-impregnated wipes.

BTW, I am also a member of the Hammond Organ Forum. I own a 1968 X77 which is perhaps one of the worst old tone-wheel beasts to fix. It has the full double manuals with inverted black/white key presets and when it is playing, is a gutsy neat beast with its own custom Leslie that will only work with the X. The problem is that it requires 5 hours of repair for every hour of play which is why I came back to my piano youth and the Yamaha.

As it is known in the Hammond world as "the X", and since it is has its own dedicated thread for repairs, force of habit had me asking for help on the X instead of the S90XS. Old habits never die.
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