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  1. Jim
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  3. YC Series Stage Keyboards
  4. Wednesday, 20 May 2020
Hi, Can I change the Default Organ setup to what My favorite set up is?? I know nothing's Perfect but,This is really a Great Keyboard!!! Thanks!!!
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Hi Jim,

Go to Menu/Control Panel/System Settings/Power On Sound, select your favorite live set sound and press enter. Every time YC powers up that'll be the first sound.

Hope that helps.
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  2. YC Series Stage Keyboards
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Thanks Blake... It's really is a Working Mans Keyboard.This now replaces My Vintage VR-760 since I'm now Vintage Myself,Ha Ha and My XF7WH & MODX7 stays in My Home Studio.... Do you think they will offer additional sounds for it?? Thanks..
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  2. YC Series Stage Keyboards
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