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  4. Friday, 23 November 2018
Hey Guys.

It's been a while since my last post, AND some time since I've last tried to hook everything up right. I guess with all tech, there will always be one thing that causes trouble!

OK. So, here's my rig:
iMac running macOS Mojave (10.14.1)
Motif-Rack XS Editor version 1.6.7 (setup screenshot below)
Arturia Keylab 88 connected via USB and MIDI
Motif Rack XS set to USB mode
TC Helicon VoiceLive2 connected via MIDI
iConnectMIDI4+ with routing setup as follows:
iPad4 connected to front port via proprietary lightning to USB-A port cable (stand-alone mode [not connected to iMac])
5-pin DIN cables running from KL88 Out to iCM Port 4 In, VL2 In to iCM Port 3 Out, and XS MIDI In to iCM Port 2 Out
Using BandHelper app on iPad to send MIDI messages to various ports
I think that covers it...

XS Rack communicates perfectly with XS Editor
KL88 communicates perfectly with XS

BandHelper can send program changes through the iConnectMIDI4+ to the VoiceLive2, but not the XS Rack when in USB mode (MIDI mode works fine).

Please let me know if I forgot to specify anything!
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Bad Mister
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The Motif-Rack XS is Set MIDI I/O = USB
Make sure you are sending both Bank Select and Program Changes IN via USB
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I do believe that I've contradicted myself! I said that the iPad was connected to the iConnectMIDI4+ but was in "stand-alone mode".

Of course, as soon as I connected the Motif Rack XS to my iMac, I was definitely not stand-alone!

BTW, I have been working with iConnectivity on a separate issue which is particularly relevant -- that is, I can't connect the box to my iMac, which is kind of important if any data is going to make it to the USB bus!

I think that I will also need to have a converstaton with TC Helicon about getting the VoiceLive2 successfully hooked into USB as well (which I tried but couldn't get to work).

Thanks for getting me back in tempo Bad Mister!
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