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  3. Sunday, 23 May 2021
I have never been accepted the terms and conditions in my entire life, then the last hour and I have very fat fingers to click on that tiny little checkboxes and my hand is shaking like jelly due to the failed attempt.
It doesn't matter, which iOS, it's not working in any of them since I downloaded the app a year and a half ago. The login is broken on the Yamaha websites on the mobile view as well.
Is it going to be fixed or is it planned to be fixed at any time soon? In case not, then I would recommend removing the login option from the app. It would involve the pressing of the backspace key a couple of times in the right place, then the recompilation and publication of the app in the app store. If you need, I can create a picture of the backspace button and attach it to this thread.
Your kind user

PS. Give a free Netflix subscription to a developer and some nice words, maybe a nice latte, and hopefully, it will be fixed.
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Bad Mister
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Like to help you but you gave no real information about your situation. Out of context we can tell you are frustrated, but the thousands (literally) thousands of sounds posted on Soundmondo shows that it is working (you’ll have to agree, at least for some). This hints that the problem might be something you are doing, not doing, or need to allow to happen.

I have found (from when I’ve had the occasion to help someone) that most folks do not know what they have activated, and what they have set security wise on their devices. Sometimes they are online from behind a customized wall be it VPN, or just their own device settings... they are set to not allow cookies or they need to simply allow access...

Important: Soundmondo only works with specific Yamaha products. You do not mention a product. Don’t laugh, had some one trying to get it to work with a product that it did not even support.

refaceCS/CP/DX/YC, MONTAGE, MODX, CP73/CP88, YC61/YC73/YC88

Soundmondo can be used without the social sharing component, as a device to manage your own data locally. Can you get that function to work?
Let us know.
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