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  4. Thursday, 08 March 2018
Hi, I just bought a reface dx model a few days ago and am very pleased with my purchase. Im familiar with FM synthesis and have been programming my own patches/voices but I still cant figure out if you can delete characters when changing names of patches/voices on the reface dx For instance, I tweaked the DigiChord voice and wanted to change its name to B1 but all i can make of it is B1giChord. Is there anyway I can delete the last 7 characters of the name? The solution eludes me for some reason.

Thank You,

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Thank You so much! I think that would have taken me forever to find out..That character doesnt look like an empty slot to me but I understand now.

Thanks again!
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Hi, replace each caracter you want to "delete" by the "empty" slot :


this one :

Finaly you can have this :
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