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  4. Sunday, 15 November 2020
For the past week I have not been able to log into YamahaSynth from any of my three iPads. I can still log into YamahaSynth from my Windows 10 machine.

This is a major inconvenience, and I hope someone will notice this post and fix whatever has gone wrong.
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Bad Mister
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Hi, I’m typing this on my iPad - likely the problem is not iPad related but browser related. So best to provide them with what browser you are using.

I’m currently on Safari, just FYI.
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Ive been trying for 3 days with no joy. iphone and 2 ipads. Firefox mobile, Chrome and Safari. VPN on/off, no pop up blockers etc. Absolutely nothing so have to use a PC. i can go to this website, but if i want to post anything i have to use a different device. IF i try and log in it takes me to Yamaha.com, so away from this website. No other websites behave like this.
I fill in the boxes, it just bounces me back to the log in box. If i put the wrong info it it will tell me, so i know the info is fine. Tried to log in with Facebook, same result.
This has been going on for months, i have never manged to log in using anything other than my PC, and even then it takes a few tries. Terrible, terrible website.
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Unfotunately I have the same behaviour. It doesn't work on iPad: not with safari and not with chrome.
On PC I have issues to change my profile settings... get some errors related that the full name is not filled out - but nowhere a posibility to enter somthing like that.... Also setting a avatar end with a error message. (Chrome and Edge)

No idea what wrong...
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