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  4. Monday, 24 July 2017
I was wondering how versatile is the S90 ES as far as using it to control other synths.

For examples, can I setup patches or performances to control several synths or VST in a daw live so at a press of a button, now the S90 ES is playing those synths.

Also, how many zones can you have? So, like VST's like Trilian for bass, and Omnisphere for pads, then press another patch or performance and everything changes again?

If so I think this would be great for live as well as in the studio.

Thanks for your help!
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Bad Mister
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We moved your post to the Legacy Yamaha Synth forum as it qualifies coming out in 2005 and discontinued in 2009.

The S90 ES can act as a four Zone Master Keyboard Controller. How well it works in a live situation will depend a lot on the specific soft synth and the computer you use to host the synths. In the studio is less of an issue, you'll find.
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