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  3. Friday, 09 February 2018
Hello to everyone, and thanks for contributing to this resource. I'm new to the forum, and I will do what I can to be a good member.

I have looked in the data list, as well as the reference, and user manuals for the MX49, but I could not find an answer. Also, I searched for a similar question on this forum, but could not find one.

I am somewhat new to drum programming. I owned an RX5, and the basic process I learned with that was to choose patterns, and then chain several of them together to make a song.

In the MX I know how to change the pattern, and the voice, but other than that I am just stuck with the same pattern playing over and over again. I experimented with using arpeggios, but it's the same problem the same arp gets played over and over. Is there a way to put several of them together?

What is the basic method/philosophy for drum programming in the MX? Or, is it not capable of being used that way?
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Bad Mister
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It’s not capable of being used that way. The Rhythm Pattern is basically using a Drum Pattern instead of a Metronome. The idea is to have a drum kit playing time rather than just the dry click-click-click of a Metronome. When connecting the MX to a computer, you can use drum machine type tools in your computer to build drum tracks.

You get a free license to use Cubase AI when you purchase an MX. Look into “Groove Agent SE” - a VST plug-in that is a very flexible drum machine.

The MX is the Yamaha entry level synth, recording your own Patterns on board the synth would be a feature/function of the next model up the ladder, the MOXF, Music Production Synthesizer.
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Thanks for the quick response. I purchased the MX on impulse since it was available at a rock bottom price. I knew it would be limited in comparison with your higher end models, but wasn't sure how. I love the sound, and it's ultra portable. Thanks again.
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