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  4. Tuesday, 13 April 2021
I often quote a post when I reply to it. Sometimes, after typing my answer, I want to quote something else for the next part of my post, but when I hit the Quote function again, everything I had typed is erased! On every other forum I've participated in, a new quote is appended to what I've already typed, and does not replace it. I don't know if it's a bug, or just something they didn't consider in design, but I hope you can fix this, as it has bitten me multiple times
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Yeah, I click the quote button to do my quotes. Silly me. ;-)

Your workaround of inserting the tags manually should work, thanks (if I remember!). But yeah, it doesn't excuse it... one really shouldn't have to work around having the quote function do the quoting for you, it's kinda why it's there...
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I don't quote this way - but yeah - pressing this ...

... will completely erase anything in the "Submit Your Response" box. So if you've written a big long message then - poof - it's gone after pressing the quotes icon in the original message.

I've always cut/pasted from the original post and then surrounded with [quote] ... [/quote]

That doesn't, however, excuse the destructive nature of the feature noted here. Maybe just a workaround until that gets fixed.

The same thing will happen if you press the same icon on not the original post, but another user's comment to quote them.
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