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  4. Sunday, 08 August 2021
First of all, thanks Mr. Blake Angelos for the wonderful series. Very informative and inspiring!

One line in the first article made me aware of the obvious fact that there might be a ton of info that available on the topic (I'm a beginner with this whole music stuff, and looking for info):
Entire books have been written about rhythm and I am not attempting to write another one here.

This makes sense of course, but could you offer a few recommendations of such books?

I was just watching a wonderful video on piano/keyboard books from Woody's Piano Shack, covering rock, blues, jazz and classical books.

A short list that covers some books on rhythm and percussion that you found inspiring and / or informative would be amazing!

Thanks a lot.
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Hi, and thanks for the comment. Here are some cool books on drumming...most are for drummers but they are great for getting ideas on drum programming and one is specifically about drum programming:

Berklee Jazz Drums

Advanced Funk Studies

Afro Cuban Rhythms for the Drumset

Time Functioning Patterns

The Drum Progamming Handbook
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Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
Arrived at the same time with my MODX, that's some good timing! :D :D
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Got the books, had the brain melt.
Thanks again Blake for the suggestions.

Wasn't there supposed to be (at least) a fourth episode? ;)
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