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  3. CP Series Stage Pianos
  4. Tuesday, 10 March 2020
I own and love playing my CP88 but the sub section is very limited. I have the latest update and the assortment is too basic plus the sounds are not as rich and warm as the CP4. I own and still play a CP4 and CP300 and wish you would take some of the pad, organ and string performances from those stage pianos and expand these into the CP88. I've been watching videos of the new YC61 and it looks like you folks did more with the synth engine on that keyboard than you did with the CP88. This made me disappointed with my CP88. My hope was to retire my CP4 and use the CP88 exclusively because the UI is so much better on the CP88. Any chance of updating the sub section on the CP88? Thank you.
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Bad Mister
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If you have been keeping up with product firmware updates, then you know new sounds are added via firmware updates. Since you own a CP300, CP4 and a CP88 (thank you!) and a MONTAGE! (thank you!) we question whether you really (actually) want the same sounds in your CP88. (If we put the same sounds in the next product, then you’d have the right to complain that it was really ‘nothing new’).

And given that you have NOT actually (really) played the YC61 yet, we’ll file your comment on it under, ‘sounds like you have a case of gear acquisition syndrome’ — a condition that strikes mainly musicians, it’s similar to ‘buyer’s remorse’, which happens when a new product is announced that has some appeal, and you start becoming ‘disappointed’ in something you already own or recently purchased.
(How come that’s not in my most recently purchased product?)

This is okay and it will pass with time (or a purchase or a firmware update). FYI: As to new sounds, those are added via firmware updates —
Question: would it be wise to keep repeating sounds from earlier products (poll users for favorites), or should the company keep pushing the envelope developing new sounds and new technologies?

By not mentioning, specifically, the sounds you like, the sounds you use, and those you don’t like or use (and why), you provide nothing to those tasked with adding new sounds, creating new content, and developing the products. (It just sounds like the aforementioned ‘acquisition syndrome’ complaint)... we’d love to get your feedback but it needs to be constructive or at least offer something substantive. It is okay to disagree with voicing teams selection, but don’t think that there isn’t a very detailed selection process. (There definitely is).

And while videos are helpful in getting an impression of a new product (YC61), you don’t have to make up your mind based on videos only, we invite you to interact with the actual instrument before you go on record positive or negative. YC61 due in May.

Thanks for your support. Join IdeaScale — interest in how you use a product and what you desire is collected there... along with other end user’s requests.
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