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  1. Gary
  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
  3. Tuesday, 27 October 2020
ok well here I am needing some help .
I have 6 yamaha keyboards and now I have the new awesome CP 88 . When I listen to my CP 88 it is thru headphones....Sienhouser ..the ultimate in sound headphones .
Is there any sound system even close to a headphone quality or am I dreaming ? I spent 2000.00 on a sound system and it can not compare to my headphones so do I need to spend 4000.00 to get good quality that has that FULLLLLL sound that I need ? Any suggestions ? I have got 2 Roland keyboard amps (trying to achieve stereo sound and just way to heavy if I needed them for a gig and the good sound was not there . Now I have Mackie DLM12 (2000 watts ) with large subwoofer and it sounds awful .So how can I get a good quality sound that do not weigh 500 pounds ? .Trying to get the headphone quality of sound in a amped system .
Thanx for your ideas .
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I have the CP88 (and a Montage 6, CP5, and a CP300). When I play out I use the Yamaha DXR 10's for small to medium gigs, and if I'm at an outdoor venue or larger hall I use Electro Voice Live X 15's. I also use the QSC Touchmix 16 for a digital mixer and the keys sound great in stereo through either set of speakers. You may want to use a DXR sub-woofer if you do a lot with a synthesizer but I find the pair of Yamaha DXR 10's are more than enough for most piano/electric piano needs. Check them out on You Tube - lots of good videos on them.

Don't waste your time trying to rig a couple of keyboard amps in stereo. I tried this years ago and in my humble opinion the PA speakers are the way to go. I do have a small Roland KC150 and only use it at home for quiet practice. Hope this helps.
  1. https://youtu.be/sHHGg2Iqx9U
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  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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I feel you brother...i have the same issue.

GLORIOUS CP73 sound with a headphone.
GLORIOUS Clavinova sound through when you use the Clavinova through it's own internal speaker

NOT GLORIOUS sound when you use the CP73 through the Clavinova speakers, a Headrush FRFR108 or a Behringer keyboard amp. The high definition, the spreading of the sound, the pristine character, it's all gone.
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  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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