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  1. Tom
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Tuesday, 16 August 2016
There are times when Audition plays 1 note only.
I contacted Support and they said to initialize, saving data.
When I do this, Audition plays a "double tempo" audition. If I then change the Performance then change back Audition works as expected.
I know this is not the way Audition works, but can't understand why it is doing this.
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Bad Mister
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The [AUDITION] function is actually MIDI data so it is going to be subject to your CLOCK and SYNC settings at the moment you activate it. So for example, if you are sync'd to external clock and the external clock is not running, you might just get a single hit. Midi resolution is such that it's possible to get just one or two hits when MIDI SYNC is looking for external clock.

If it runs at double tempo, this could be a clear indication of two clocks on the MIDI system and/or a loop exists. Doubling of the tempo is a red flag (check your MIDI routing).

In general, if connected to an external device via USB or standard MIDI, you want to ensure that the clock master sends clock when stopped, if you want to use the arpeggios, tempo LFOs, tempo related effects, Motion Sequences, or the Audition functions... For example, you will find such an option in Cubase under the TRANSPORT > Project Synchronization Settings > MIDI CLOCK OUT (check the option to send clock while stopped) Montage will run its own internal items at the most recently received tempo from the clock master.

If you want to have the Audition Phrase to play at its original tempo, release the Montage from external Sync (set MIDI SYNC = internal).

You don't mention you are connected to any external device. If you are not, what does the TEMPO value read when attempting to play the Audition Phrase? Touch the tempo value on the top line of the screen to jump directly to the TEMPO SETTINGS screen.

Let us know.
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