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  3. Sunday, 17 January 2021
I have a Performance I'm working on. I have the a split setup so I can play an organ part with my left hand and a synth lead with my right. I would like to disable the sustain pedal for the synth lead so that I can hit and sustain a chord in the organ part while being able to play stacatto on the synth lead at the same time. The obvious answer would just be to manually hld the organ chords with my left hand. This isn't ideal because I also want to do some big 3-4 octave portamento slides as well which I need two hands to achieve.

Is disabling the sustain pedal to a single part in a single performance possible?
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Absolutely possible.


Here's what the screen looks like (ignore the Vol/Exp that is OFF):

2nd row of on/off switches, 5th setting from the left (5th column) is the "Sustain" setting. Turn that off. This is only applies to a single Part - the Part you are editing.
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Thank you. I was staring at the Control Assign tab and scratching my head.
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