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  3. Wednesday, 03 August 2016
Hi there,
On recording some tracks I used Assignable Function 1 on a steel guitar to change the sound of it, but now after converting the patterns into a chain song and transfer it to Cubase, the same Assignable Function 1 is being applied on to other instruments (Accordion and another guitar) that I did not apply before. It is as if once the function is on it is affecting all the sounds that would accept its effect. How to solve it? Where to go to remove it only from the accordion and from the other guitar that I did not apply it initially? As of right now when I deactivate the function on the VST button or on the keyboard button, it disappears from the steel guitar as well. When I first transferred the song to cubase yesterday it was working well. when I reopened it today it was a mess.

Another question is how to apply the effect of these assignable buttons 1 and 2 only to a portion of the track, when using the recording method that I am using (recording patterns on MOXF, converting them into a chain and then transfer it to Cubase as one MIDI track to be dissolved)?
Your help is appreciated.
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Bad Mister
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Sorry, I cannot follow what you have done. But you can solve this mystery on your own. MIDI messages generated by the [AF1]/[AF2] buttons in your sequence are "channel messages" -therefore they only affect things on the specific MIDI channel on which you record them and play them back. Just like Note-on messages. The Note-on messages you record for one instrument only trigger the instrument assigned to receive the message by channel. Note-ons are "channel messages", too.

The AF1 button is activated when a Contrl Change (cc) 86 message is sent.
The AF1 button is activated when a Control Change (cc) 87 message is sent.

It is unclear, from what you wrote how you merged certain data, but you can simply remove the Control Change messages from the MIDI channels where you don't want them.
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Thank you for your reply.
It ended up working as I had it before, after rebooting both the computer and the MOXF. However, because I created the song by compiling the patterns, I still need to add the assignable function 1 or 2 just on a piece of a track. I wouldn’t need it on for the entire song and I don’t know how to go about it when exporting the audio mix down. I was wondering if there was an easy way by using the VST editor. Is that possible to be done or I had to record it before on patterns using the MOXF?
Once again thank you for your help.
Bad Mister
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Sorry, you've lost me.
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