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  4. Wednesday, 01 February 2017

I'm trying to recoed expression to cubase without using a expression pedal.
In daw-remote mode there is volume assigned to one knob but it only affect midi CH1, even if I'm recording CH3...

Is there a way to assign EXPRESSION (CC11) to a knob? I have a breath-controller connected to Fots-controller and assigned to BC (CC2). I cant use volume cause I will have to mix the result later using volume.

One more thing...

With MOXF not connedted to Computer the knobs works fine but when connected the values goes in a strange way. I turn knob nut it goes the other way or just a step and then it jumps 10 steps and goes back to 0....

Is it a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Is there a tutorial about the DAW-Remote somewhere?

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Bad Mister
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You're thread's title says you are in Song Mode, but your second sentence contradicts this and talks about DAW REMOTE mode... this, by itself is confusing. The front panel controls behave different in each of these modes. Which are you using?

In Song mode the knobs are set to control the currently *selected* channel, that is, you select a Track button and you are transmitting on the MIDI Channel that the internal track is set to transmit. In Song mode the Keyboard communicates to the tone engine via the Track. Local Control is On.

In DAW REMOTE mode, the controllers are set to control the currently selected channel of the Track of the external DAW. You are transmitting on the MIDI Channel that the DAW track is set to transmit. With Local Control Off, MIDI messages travel Out via MIDI, the DAW echoes the message back to the MOXF tone engine on the active Track's MIDI channel.

What you describe when you describe your knobs erractic behavior sounds exactly what happens when the parameter is fighting another controller assigned to the same function... jumping, skipping values, moving in the wrong direction... that's exactly what a conflict would behave like. Like a parameter with two devices telling it different things simultaneously. (Where Local Control ?)

You mention having a Breath Controller connected to the Foot Controller (?) Really!? Does that work? What BC? Who makes it? (No jokes about foot in mouth, but that seems like a strange fit... I have to admit never trying such a thing. How's that accomplished?

Other things you need to know: cc011 is Expression, it has a fixed function control number... this means it always does musical volume, no matter what.
This is different from cc001 or cc002, or cc004 which do not have a fixed function... they can be assigned to almost any available parameter destination, cutoff, resonance, pan, volume, etc.

I can imagine you are all over the place trying different things but what you wrote above is confusing because Song Mode behavior is different from DAW REMOTE behavior, and it is unclear what mode you are actually in when you make your observations of strange behavior. DAW REMOTE mode when "not connected to a Computer" is meaningless. Any conclusions drawn from that should show you that when properly connected to a Computer the DAW is echoing data back to the MOXF and "fighting" the assignment. Remember, the DAW is rechannelizing the data - explains why info transmitted in on one channel returns on another. The MIDI channel setting found in your typical DAW software takes whatever channel is sent in and remaps it to the channel you set in the software.

Sorry, to not being able to give a "here's how to do it" response because I'm not at all sure what the goal is. Hope that helps you provide a bit more (clear) information.
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Hi Bad Mister.

I will try to explain what I mean.

I connect my MOXF8 to my Win10 64 Laptop and power it up.
Start cubase and hit Quick settings 1 (Daw record) and go to song mode. Sometimes I go into Mix mode.
New song in cubase (MOXF template incl VST editor) and start editor and sync custom.

Then I press Daw remote.

Recording piano on Midi 1 in cubase.
Recording Strings on midi 2 in cubase.
Recording again on strings to adjust volume and piano on ch1 but not strings on ch2 is affected by volume changes.
If I watch the vst editor I can play ch 2 but volume only changes ch1... at the same time. Its the knob volume in daw remote mode.

About the BC.

I fell in love with it 15 years ago when I got a Tamaha DX7 MK1 with a BC1 and 4 cartridges with some BC-sounds.
I used my DX7 and also a CME-uf8 as mastercontroller on stage. UF has BC-input and its amazing.
Then the UF broke down and I bought the MOXF. I missed the BC1 and found this instructions about using a BC1 with a Kurzweil Midiboard.
Discussed it at motifator and modifyed it it with a TRS and built it. Works great in the Exp-pedal input. The exp is changed to CC2 (BC) and I can have it changing exp (volume) and the filter. Sounds great on brass and on wind-synth! I have a dual out with one TRS for Yamaha and a TS for Roland (I also has a Juno DS88). I will write a tutorial later on my website.
On stage I use a midi FCB1010 for expression but not at home.

I want to record expression as I did on my old Roland JV... on a slider or a knob into cubase and into song/pattern. With my hand.

Hope this explains more so you can help me. :)

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I figured it out.
Remote editor and to many midiports... recieving the same midi on more than one... Reinstalled Remototools and started all over. Works great now!
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