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  4. Monday, 12 July 2021
I have come across a strange issue. When working with drum arps, I sometimes use the keyboard range selectors on the performance home screen to figure out what drums are assigned to what key, a tip from Bad Mister.

But there appears to be a particular drum/individual arp combination this does not work for. To reproduce.

Create an init AWM performance. Press shift-control assign to add a rhythm pattern. Then select New Oak Custom kit. Select MB1_Modern Jazz for the arp.

Start the arp and try using the keyboard range on performance home to limit the drums we hear. It has no effect. Using a different arp or drum kit does not exhibit this behaviour.

I have a Montage 8 with firmware 3.5.
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Bad Mister
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Even stranger than the fact that this happens, is how it fixes itself. Initially, I was able to duplicate your issue, then, in exploring the Arp Phrase and settings, it suddenly fixed itself, and the Note Limits were back working as you’d expect. (Frankly, I prefer bugs that are consistently, bugs)…

Here’s what I discovered:
To get the Note Limits to become active, you have to change the Note Limit (not sure why), then toggle the Master Arp On/Off Switch…
__ I changed the Low Note Limit to C3 (effectively silencing the Arp Phrase)
__ I then turn the Master [ARP ON/OFF] Off then back On
__ I hit C1 to silently trigger the Arp Phrase… (C1 can trigger the Arp Phrase because the Part’s Arp Note Limits are still C-2 thru G8)
__ Lower the Low Note Limit to restore the sounds of Drum Part

… seems restarting the Arp after changing the Note Limit setting, “fixes” it.
Now you can set the Note Limits as you’d expect.

I haven’t had time to look at the Arp Phrase data — it’s a 16 measure Phrase (I’m thinking the Length may have something to do with it, initially) but this goes in the ‘query zone’, either way. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll pass it on…
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Thanks for confirming the issue and reporting it.

The workaround will help too.

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