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  4. Wednesday, 28 June 2017

maybe it has been discussed before, but I'd like to ask a question about XF architecture.

I understand that Waveform is a collection of samples.

Let's say I have a piano sound. The Waveforms are Soft, Med and Hard. Each waveform can hold several samples. How are these samples assigned to the waveform? Ex: Waveform Soft: sample1.wav vel. 1 - 10, sample2.wav vel. 11 - 20 etc, Waveform Med: sample10.wav vel. 50 - 60, sample11.wav vel. 61 - 65 etc..…. Something like this??? I'd really like to know what's inside the waveforms and how Yamaha manages to create beautiful piano sound in less than 32 MB…
I have some software pianos for Sampletank and Kontakt (GBs of wav samples), for me Yamaha synths beat them all….

I've always been a big Yamaha fan.. and always will be…


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