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  4. Friday, 16 August 2019
Is there a way to apply an arpeggio stored in the MOXF to an external sound module? This is an arpeggio I wrote as a pattern and then saved the track to an arpeggio.

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Bad Mister
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Yes. It matters not whether it is a Preset Arp or one you made, you simply must set ARP OUT = ON, and select a MIDI Channel on which you want to send it Out.

You don’t say what Mode you are in or whether you’re connected Out via 5-pin MIDI or USB to a computer or other device... we’ll let you work that out.

Press [ARP EDIT]
Select the Part you’ve assigned the Arp
Press [F6] OUT CH

Set the “OutputSwitch” = On
Set the “TransmitCh” = channel you require 1-16
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Sorry - didn't tell you enough.

I will be working in Song mode. I will use an external synth module as the sound generator for Track 1, talking through 5-pin MIDI. I will route the output of the external synth module to the A/D Input L&R jacks and mix with the other song tracks (2-16).

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