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  3. Sunday, 19 June 2016
I have an MOXF8 which I'm trying to use with FL Studio. The thing that confuses me the most about the keyboard, though, is the Editor plug in. I just thought I could record into FL Studio straight from the piano and its sounds and midi data would simply be recorded in, but apparently you're supposed to load the editor plug in, use some Midi out channels assigned to each instrument part, sync/initialize the plug in, record the midi data, and then when you're done you record everything in the project into Edison on the master track with the MOXF as your audio input. Can someone let me know if I've been doing this the right way this whole time? As far as I know, FL Studio is a VST3 compatible DAW, but I guess I'm confused as to the process of how to record.

That brings me to my next problem. Once I create a song as mentioned above and it's time to record it, I load up Edison (Recorder) onto the master track and set my input coming from the MOXF. When I record, however, I get freezes mid-note, crackles, pops and other glitchy sounds. I'm wondering if this is due to some setting I've changed within FL Studio, or if this is a computer issue. Here are my specs:

AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core (~2.4 GHz?)
Windows 10 x64
SB Audigy (Sound Card)

I think these are pretty good specs, but then again the processor might not be able to handle so many audio channels at once. or maybe it's RAM. What do you guys think it is?

Another thing that confuses me is the "DAW level" slider on the keyboard itself. I'm not sure why you can't independently control the volume of your keyboard itself and the volume of the audio coming from the DAW. When I try to play the keyboard through a Midi out channel using the editor plug in, it always sounds "doubled", because the keyboard itself is playing its own sound out of the speakers when I only want my DAW to use the keyboard to put its output to the speakers, not both. I've figured that this is what "LocalControl" is.

Anyway, the short of it is that:

1. Not sure what the editor does or if/why it's necessary to record

2. Not sure what's causing the pops, crackles and glitches when I record

3. How do I stop the piano from playing its own audio simultaneously with the DAW output (which has a buffer of 192 ms which causes a slight delay)

4. In general, how should I connect my audio up to best record? I have two amplifiers that have two inputs each, and an M-audio M-track Plus USB interface.

I've been having these problems for months now, and I'd like to figure out how to fix some of them. any help is appreciated!
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Did you install the Yamaha/Steinberg USB driver? That is not mentioned in your post and is a crucial component that you can download here.

The editor can be used as an integrated editor with Cubase only and if you have your MOXF8 documentation there is a download code that allows you to get Cubase AI. You CAN use the editor as a standalone editor if you prefer to use FL Studio. You can download it from the same place above and note that word "Standalone" in the editor title. You can use the editor in this way.

Pops and crackles? Again, you need to make sure you have the up to date Yamaha/Steinberg USB driver.

You have something going on with audio thru. Not sure about FL Studio but it is certainly some setting in there. In fact, as far as FLStudio goes, you should look to their resources for help on how to configure it.
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