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  1. Carlo
  2. reface
  3. Wednesday, 10 October 2018
I'm really intrigued by the Reface CP, which I think is the most effective of all the series.

I'm evaluating to buy one but, as this is a product which is about 3 year old, I was wondering if Yamaha has any plan to issue some new version of this instruments.

This is a great instrument, with fantastic sounds and all the good things that we all knows but I think there could be a lot to improve.
Here some points that it could be nice to have:
- rechargeable batteries: it should be provided by a rechargeable battery unit built-in
- more powerful speakers
- remove that ridiculous Toy Piano sound, and replace it with something more playable, maybe just a plain piano sound
- at least some basic way to store sound settings: something like a store button to press along with one of the 37 keys and, in the same way, another button to recall the sounds

Anyone have news from Yamaha about new models of this instrument?
Do you think they will continue the development of these series?
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