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  3. Sunday, 29 November 2020
Hi all,

I have bought an MX61 and noticed that there is an annoyingly loud clicking noise at the moment that the pitchbend wheel goes from neutral position to down. There is also a softer clicking noise when going from neutral to up position, but it is not as disturbing and annoying as the other direction.

I can still hear the clicking noise while playing through external speakers and while playing while wearing semi-open DT 990 Pro headphones. When wearing closed headphones like the DT 770 Pro, I almost don't hear it, but still feel the vibrations of the click through my finger.

Can any other users of the MX61 or MX49 confirm this behaviour? Is that normal or do I simply have bad luck with the pitchbend click? I find it off-putting whereas the keybed is great otherwise.

I bought this keyboard mainly to be able to connect my FC3 half damper and FC7 expression pedal at the same time, to have a pitchbend and modulation wheel, its DAW integration and functionality as MIDI keyboard and I just like the feel of Yamaha keybeds.

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Bad Mister
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There should not be any click when moving the Pitch Bend Wheel... let your retailer know immediately.
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