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  1. daniel
  2. reface
  3. Tuesday, 08 August 2017
You know what I think would be cool? offering alternate cabinets for the reface line.
For example, the CS synths back in the day all (except the CS-01 obviously) had wood paneling, not white. Offer a retrofit wood panel.
I'd be all over it!
I could see people with the YC wanting that too, because lets face it, most people are primarily using it as a Hammond clone.
A Hammond-esque cabinet might be something people like!
Some people might like the CP in Red like a certain very popular digital piano these days.
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Bad Mister
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Thanks for your thoughts... sounds like you should start your own company and offer those yourself... now that we would think is cool! :)
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Yeah...you vastly over-rate my manufacturing skills. :D
Obviously it would be an extremely niche market and likely not profitable. Cool.....but not profitable.;)
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