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  1. Yash
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 27 January 2017
I am recording a song on moxf8 with 12 different tracks than i wanted to transfer my song to logic but the problem is when i m copy midi file from moxf8 and transfer to logic than all instruments including drums plays in a voice of piano.
So please solve my problem.
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Bad Mister
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MIDI is not sound. Contrary to popular belief, no one has ever heard MIDI (ever).
Logic does not make sound, in this case it is playing back just MIDI data
The MOXF tone generator makes the sound. You setup a SONG/PATTERN MIXING setup where you selected your instrument sounds.

When you transfer MIDI data, you are not transferring sound. Only performance data (note-one, controller movements, etc). The sounds you selected are still in the MOXF.

Name and Store your MOXF Song/Pattern Mixing setup (in the MOXF) and recall that setup when you want to playback the MIDI data from Logic.

The MIDI data will playback from Logic, arrive at the MOXF and trigger the sounds of your Mixing.
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