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  4. Saturday, 06 February 2016

I'm just looking for the easiest method to use my AF1 button to turn off Tremolo (insert effect B) on my EP sound. I tried assigning it to a control sets function but I couldn't find one that was just on/off. I'm using the Melas tools.

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Bad Mister
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Insertion Effect, by their nature, are inserted 'inline' of the audio signal path of the signal they are applied to, so there will be no ON/OFF switch, ever. An On/Off switch would stop all signal from flowing and that is not what you want. This is true of not only your MOXF, but all audio mixing devices including both live and recording consoles.

What you can do is perhaps operate the DRY/WET balance if one is available. One will not always be available with all types of Insertion Effects, for example, there are some devices, like EQs, Compressors, which process 100% of the signal. Not all vintage phasers, chorus, and other stomp boxes had a proper bypass either (didn't stop Jimi Hendrix) :)

So what can you do in a case where there is no DRY/WET Balance to reduce? Here's what will work:

Tremolo processes 100% of the signal, therefore does not have a DRY/WET parameter. What you can do to remove the tremolo is reduce the LFO SPEED parameter to 0.00Hz by assigning the [AF1] button in a Control Set to control that parameter with a negative value. When there is no speed the tremolo is, in effect, defeated...

On the MOXF
Call up the Voice on which you are using the Tremolo Insert Effect
Press [EDIT]
Press [COMMON]
Press [F4] CTL SET (Control Set)
You want to set one of the six Control Sets

ELEMENT SW (---------)
SOURCE = AF1(86)
DESTINATION = INS(X): Ef LfoSp ... where X is the insertion A or B that is the Tremolo
DEPTH = -64

You can set the AF1 button to "latch"
Press [F1] GENERAL
Press [SF4] OTHER
set AF1 = latch

[STORE] your newly edited Voice to a User location.

Hope that helps.
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How about if I want to use it to turn the tremolo on ?

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