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  1. Tobias
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Thursday, 30 March 2017
Hey all,

I'm using a Pattern Mixing for seamless sound switching. I want to change the Track from a external sequencer. This seems impossible since there's no sysex command to do so. If I link the Mixing to a Master- preset and enable the zone switch, I can seamless switch the Transmit Channel via SysEx and achieve what I want.

But then the behaviour of the AF1/2 buttons is quite odd:

I've already enabled AF1/2 transmit switch in the zone and also enabled the receive switch in the mixing. The behaviour is set to latch.

If I set the master zone Transmit Channel to 2 and press AF1, the sound changes as anticipated. If I press AF1 again, it doesn't change back. If I select (still in Master Mode) "Track" and hit "2" (which is the corresponding part of the mixing which responds to Channel 2), the AF buttons works fine.

Theory: If hit AF1, the Master mode sends internally the command "AF1 ON!" to the mixing via channel 2. AF1 gets activated in the Mixing in Part 2. But in the Master, Part 1 is selected by default (if i hit "Track", 1 is lit). So the Master Mode thinks AF1 is still in disabled state. If I hit AF1 again, it sends command "AF1 ON!" again instead of "AF1 OFF!".

Seems to me like a software bug. Is there a way to solve this?

Or, alternatively, can I switch the selected Track remotely without using Master Zones to work around the workaround :) ?

Thank you very much!!

Best regards
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Anyone anything?
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