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  1. Jeff
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  3. Wednesday, 06 January 2021
For this last Christmas, I purchased a Yamaha beginner keyboard (model PSR E463). The only effects that it supports are Chorus, EQ, and Reverb. It supports MIDI standards GM and XGlite and standard MIDI file (SMF) Format 0, 1 (Record).

It allows for a split keyboard, where different voices can be used. I'm used to playing SUSTAINED organ chords with my left hand, but there is no provision to directly accomplish this with the standard voices in the keyboard itself. Each voice has its own built-in ADSR envelope.

I'm new to DAWs and VSTs, but the keyboard can export audio voices in either .WAV or MIDI formats to an external device (e.g. computer).

My question is this. After I export a MIDI file (containing a voice that I want to modify), is there an affordable DAW which will allow me to modify the ADSR envelope?

At this time I just want to create a couple of modified voices where the sustain section of the envelope is set to "infinity," so the amplitude of the note is sustained fully until the key is released.

That would seemingly allow me to play sustained chords (with a modified voice) with my left hand.

I realize that you don't have this keyboard, but any general advice to my question and approach is much appreciated. TIA!
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Bad Mister
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Hi Jeff,
Welcome to Yamaha Synth!
This site is dedicated to Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Keyboards... (MONTAGE, MODX, MX, reface, CP and YC products).

The PSR-E range of Portable Keyboards do not have the ability to do the depth of editing you are describing. The synthesizers do, but the synths are a very different animal from the PSR-Series when it ones to the Style engine, Auto-Accompaniment, etc. found in the PSR range.

That said, you can find PSR-S Series, that feature a “LEFT HOLD” feature - which is exactly what you are describing (perhaps you are already aware of this)... as best I can recall, the next keyboard up the PSR product line, and the first one to feature this “Left Hold” function - this creates and applies an envelope to the sound (drone) in the left hand while you play lead/melody with your right.

Take a look at the PSR-S670:
Link: Yamaha PSR-S670

There are a couple of PSR-S series before you move to the top-of-the-line, Genos... these are not considered synthesizers, but are referred to as Arranger and Digital Workstation Keyboards.

The PSR-S670, I believe, is the next one up that series and is the first one that includes the Accompaniment Left Hand Hold function.
It is designed specifically to behave exactly as you described... without a bunch of programming... you simply select your left hand sound and activate the LEFT HOLD button, done!

Hope that helps. If and/or when you are ready for a true synthesizer, come on back, you know where to find us!
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