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  1. Dave
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Saturday, 18 June 2016
I'm hoping that folks will create new pads/ sets/ parts etc. to share with everyone as most of you are more competent than I. Is there a way to increase the built in storage to save these new sounds?
That new piano eats up a lot of user storage and I was wondering if there was anyway to upgrade the internal memory.
If not, can a USB thumb drive accomplish the same thing and will there be a delay using it that way as opposed to something off the internal memory? Thanks in advance.
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The internal integrated memory is a different animal than what's inside a flash drive. Kind of like a Yugo vs a Ferrari, they both have engines and both can take you places but there's a BIG difference. The response time is supposed to be instantaneous although another thread is complaining heavily about latency problems of the Montage. It's not possible to play a Montage waveform from a thumb drive.
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Ok so you can't add other people's user created sounds to your instrument via USB? That can't be right as there are add ons out already but they must be adding them to the internal memory. Amazing that Yamaha would have been so short sighted and only gave 1.75 GB of user memory considering that the piano download eats up most of it.....With no way to add internal memory mind you. So much for future proofing your products Yamaha.
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