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  1. Kalin
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 23 December 2016
Hey guys,

I'm sorry if the question is a bit offtopic, but I hope you can help me with advise.
I got MOXF6, Steinberg UR22 soundcard and Yamaha HS7 speakers. I would like to have MOXF connected to the jack inputs of the HS7 and UR22 to the XLR inputs, however, the speakers manual explicitly says that you should not use both inputs at the same time.
Do you think it will be safe to have all connected while using only one of the inputs at a time, either MOXF or UR22, or it may cause some problem for the speakers?

Thanks in advance.
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Bad Mister
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The Manual is correct - you should not use both inputs.

There are other ways to setup (that will not harm your gear). What type of computer are you using? If you are using a Macintosh you can configure both devices as one composite audio interface. If you are using a PC you can simply record your MOXF MIDI and audio tracks using the MOXF as your MIDI and audio interface, and switch to the UR-22 when you wish to overdub items through that audio interface.

But connecting things as expressly warned not to, is just silly (why not just leave your electronics out in the rain?) :)
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Thanks for the advise! I definitely don't want to kill my equpment, I was just curious if the limitation is in terms not to supply signal on both inputs of HS7 or simply not to connect both at the same time, even if no signal is available on both.
Anyway, will try to figure out some other solution.
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