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  1. Jerry
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Thursday, 26 May 2016
(Montage) -- Is there a way to change the power-on default live set? I'd like to create a live set and have it be the one that I get when I turn on the instrument. (Or have I missed something simple?)
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Bad Mister
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Hi Jerry,
The current situation is that you can broadly select either "Live Set" or "Performance" which basic specifies the view in which it boots up. This, thus far, is a basic choice. It is not specific to a particular program... It simply selects the first available in the selected view. In previous synths we've been able to refine this to a specific mode (1st program in that mode) and in some instances down to a specific program.

The way it is currently is either the LIVE SET (which is the default) or the PERFORMANCE Home screen is recalled...

LIVE SET (as default) designed for retail music stores where most folks will first get to hear Montage, the LIVE SET 'power on' default situation is preferred, to give access to a variety ('best of') selection of the Presets. This also serves the performing musician who most often will want to boot up in a mode where they're setup to access the sounds they are going to use in a specified order.

Naturally, the ideal situation is to be able to specify exactly what the boot condition is... I'm not a programmer but I'm sure they can sort it out, the problem with specifying a specific "USER" created location is that there is no data in the location from the factory. User Performances are completely unoccupied in an INIT Montage. While the previous synths could be directed to boot up recalling a specific Bank and the first program in that bank; and in some you could actually specify the exact location. In Montage, the location is not occupied by a "placeholder" - the is nothing there Auntie you create it by storing something there.

You can anticipate that this will be looked at... Perhaps even Library locations might be accessible, but currently you can choose either LIVE SET (default is "Best of Montage 1";) or individual PERFORMANCE ( default is "CFX + FM EP";). Very utilitarian at this point. But we've seen these things evolve in the product cycle.
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