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  1. Robert
  3. Thursday, 06 September 2018
Is it possible to set routing preferences for A/D Input in general, or is it always Performance linked?
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Bad Mister
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In the updated MONTAGE you can opt to have one setting for the A/D Input that would be global.
Touch the “FX” icon on the top line of the screen
Set “Global A/D” = ON

If you opt out, (Off) then the A/D Input can be customized on a per Performance basis.

If you need full time access to the A/D Input across all Performances, then set the “Global A/D” = On
Whatever you setup for the Audio In within one Performance will apply to all Performances. The A/D In has its own dedicated Dual Insertion Effect, accessible from within any Performance on the upper Common level of the edit architecture. The Global A/D simply makes the current settings persist across all Performances. There will be NO interruption in the signal passing through the MONTAGE as you change programs.
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Just what I was looking for, thanks!
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Hello BM - thanks! Missed the bit about Global A/D being switchable. Makes life easier now I've ditched the Korg and got the Tyros hooked up to MIDI and the A/D Input for another shot at what you helped me with earlier (but the Korg made it too messy).
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