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  4. Wednesday, 03 February 2021
I am trying to create a 1-Part Performance that ONLY triggers an external sound over MIDI (via the Zone Master function). The only way I've found to do it is to start with a regular 1-Part sound, add the zone routing I want, and hit the mute box for the internal sound. Is that the best way to do this?
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Bad Mister
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Yes, use the Zone Master function...
Initialize a Single Part Performance
An internal sound must occupy the Part slot.

Select Part 1
Press [EDIT]
Touch “Part Settings” > “Zone Settings”
Set the Zone Switch = On
Set the INT SW = OFF (Internal Switch) - this is how to defeat the internal Part
You can now set a “Transmit Ch” to send Out via MIDI

Use the “Zone Transmit” page set what Controllers will feed this Zone.
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Thanks for confirming that the first part must be an internal sound, even if your goal is to disable it and trigger an external one, and it's good to see that INT SW = OFF is the preferred way to silence it. It also occurs to me that the selection of the internal sound for that part actually has relevance, even if it will never sound, because I assume that the chosen internal sound will also determine which category this Performance comes up in. My goal here is to include some 1-part Performances that are iPad sounds, and so be able to integrate internal and iPad sounds seamlessly in a Performance (i.e. when I add a Part, I can as easily add some of my favorite iPad sounds as I can native MODX sounds, since I will have appropriately named and categorized 1-Part performances by which I can recall them). I've looked for this kind of capability in the past, even suggested something like this to a couple of manuacturer's reps who I've met, but this may be the first board to do this so nicely. (Well, and Montage.) I need to get back to playing with this idea to see if there are any gotcha's to it. ;-)
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