Just released:  Version 1.5 of Yamaha Synth Book - Virtual Analog Synth + the (first) 40 years of Yamaha Synths history in a free iOS app
Saving your Default Mix to the "Motif XF VST" (Open in YouTube for HD quality).We take the "Default Mix" we have created in the previous sessions and Save it as the Default Preset in Cubase. 
WORKFLOW Sessions: Creating a Default MixDeveloping your own personal Workflow - tools of the trade.
Workflow Session: Transfer your own Default Mix into Cubase as your Editor's Default VST Preset
Learn how to take your entire XS SONG sequence and mix setup and import it into Cubase
If you want access to all your Voice Libraries without having to LOAD them, this is a must read.
Setting up the XF with Cubase via USB for MIDI recording on a Windows computer.
Setting up the XF for use with Cubase via FireWire on a Windows computer.
Record a SONG in the XF sequencer, Cubase can IMPORT both your MIDI and AUDIO tracks recorded to the ISS... read all about it.
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