We are excited to announce SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition - an amazing automatic sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers!
Announcing the John Melas MONTAGE Performance Editor and Librarian!
Dom Sigalas is an amazing Yamaha Europe and Steinberg demonstrator. Read more to see Dom showing MX88 with Cubase AI at Superbooth 17 in Berlin!
FM Essential is a free FM Synthesizer app for iOS. Learn how to get it and unlock it for free!
Signal Flow is the key to understanding when it comes to all things music production with your synth and computer. Learn the background on "signal flow" from Key press to audio (sound output) via the VST Routing scenario.
If you are a power user of Yamaha and Steinberg you've gotten used to the integration of your Yamaha hardware Synth and your Steinberg Cubase software via the Editor VST. However, the initial release of Cubase Series 8 seems to have broken the function (Ed.: fixed with version 8.0.10 3/12/2015 and later) - you can still take advantage of the features and benefits provided by the VSTi routing using this advanced External Instrument setup. 
Have content from your DX7, DX7II, TX802 and TX816 Yamaha Synthesizers you want to use on your new Montage? Convert it.
For music makers interested in expressing their personality through sound, Soundmondo is a social sound-sharing community for creating, sharing and exploring synthesizer sounds.  Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or just starting your synth exploration, Soundmondo has an intuitive workflow making it easy to use and best of all, free! BR
Some tips and tricks to best using Soundmondo...
Let's take a look at some of the awesome possibilities available in this Yamaha iOS App.
Just released:  Version 1.5 of Yamaha Synth Book - Virtual Analog Synth + the (first) 40 years of Yamaha Synths history in a free iOS app
Saving your Default Mix to the "Motif XF VST" (Open in YouTube for HD quality).We take the "Default Mix" we have created in the previous sessions and Save it as the Default Preset in Cubase. 
WORKFLOW Sessions: Creating a Default MixDeveloping your own personal Workflow - tools of the trade.
Workflow Session: Transfer your own Default Mix into Cubase as your Editor's Default VST Preset
Learn how to take your entire XS SONG sequence and mix setup and import it into Cubase
If you want access to all your Voice Libraries without having to LOAD them, this is a must read.
Setting up the XF with Cubase via USB for MIDI recording on a Windows computer.
Setting up the XF for use with Cubase via FireWire on a Windows computer.
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