From 2001 to 2016 the Yamaha MOTIF Series were a music industry standard. Nate and Blake explore the legendary line in this installment of "Behind the Synth".
We showed you Camelot in this video from Superbooth18. This week's Moessieurs Monday shows the benefits of connnecting a MOTIF XF and MONTAGE using Camelot and all the ways you can control either keyboard in a variety of situations. Check out the video below, and go here for more information about Camelot. Want to meet the developers? Check out Bla
The CP4 and CP40 Stage pianos have some great features inside. Check out these top 5 articles:
Check out this beautiful version of Robert Flack's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" performed by Kandace Springs and the CP4 Stage Piano.
This article will help you setup your XF to your computer via Ethernet.
PARAMETER WITH VOICE copies Voice mode parameters into your PART 
Did you know you can load a Bank of 128 Voices at once to the XS?
Learn how to sample audio to your XS
Learn how the integrated sampler can calculate the Tempo of your audio loop.
CP4 Stage: check out the sounds of the 9' CFX Premium Concert Grand Piano voice.
Check out the sounds of the S6 Piano (6'11" handcrafted grand piano) Piano 3.
Check out the audio recording of the 9' CFIIIS Premium Concert Grand Piano in CP4 and CP40.
Information and resources to help you get the most out of your Motif XF:
I have just finished part one of my CP4/40 tutorial about the Performance mode in the CP4 and CP40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in the video, it is also applicable to the CP40 since the operation of the two instruments is virtually identical.  Look for part 1 in the Resources section of this site under CP4.
Here is a tutorial on creating a custom CP4 piano Performance using the S6 piano (APIANO3) for the Main Voice and the CFIIIS piano (APIANO2) for the Split Voice and saving it to a Performance location for instant recall.
This article will introduce you to the Effects processing and routing.
Using the Motif XS/XF Internal Sequencer to record the reface CP-CS-DX-YC... what you need to know!
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