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  • Greg Spero, Halsey's Keyboardist and Sound Designer, Praises Yamaha Montage

    With an expressive touch, keen awareness of melody and remarkable technique, Greg Spero is a talented pianist and keyboardist. He has performed with a diverse range of musicians, including: Arturo Sandoval; Corey Wilkes; and, former Miles Davis collaborator and music director, Robert Irving III. Additionally, he has co-produced tracks with producer Ski Beatz (Jay Z), and, Shock G (Digital Underground) - and is currently the keyboardist and sound designer for Halsey. Greg recently had a chance to experience Montage and was very impressed.

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  • Halsey's Greg Spero talks music and MONTAGE
    Yamahasynth recently caught up with Yamaha artist Greg Spero, a great jazz pianist and keyboardist currently on tour with singer-songwriter Halsey. Greg has been using MONTAGE on the Halsey tour and we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his keyboard set up, his background and other musical projects he's currently involved in.
  • Manny's Modulation Manifesto: Intro to FM Synthesis
    An FM Synthesis Programming Tutorial focusing on the Yamaha Reface DX architecture - the first in a new series.
  • Using MONTAGE Category Search
    There are three separate types of SEARCH for sounds (PARTS): "Performance Search", Performance Merge" and "Part Search" included in your MONTAGE - and the results can be in blue and/or green. Confusing? Let our own Bad Mister clarify for you. In this article he'll explain why and how Performance Category Search can help you "know" what you are looking at when you use this most powerful MONTAGE feature.
  • The 4-Track Arpeggio: MONTAGE
    "User Arpeggios can be made from 4 MIDI Tracks" - this is often a misunderstood statement. We receive many questions on creating your own Arpeggio patterns. In this article, we will shed some light on the nature of how some of the arpeggios are made with the MONTAGE.  
  • MONTAGE Live on Tour with Biggest Names in Rock, Pop, Jazz and Rap
    In addition to being some of the best performers and musicians in the world, what do Halsey, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar and Streisand have in common? MONTAGE is helping their tours hit just the right notes!
  • Reface YC and the Clavinova 700 Series Session
    UPDATED: Craig Knudsen is a Yamaha Clavinova product expert and provides these detailed instructions about integrating a Reface YC with a Clavinova CVP-709. Learn how to reap the benefits of pairing their strengths. In addition to written instructions, video examples and instruction included from Craig.