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Electronic keyboard.

Introducing the YC61 Organ-Focused Stage Keyboard!

With all new VCM Tonewheel Organs, 8-Operator FM organs, lots of great acoustic and electric pianos, strings, brass, synth leads, pads and lots of great effects, the YC61 is an instrument you need for recording or performing.

Electronic keyboard with annotation indicating specific features and functions.

Blake's Take on the YC61 Stage Keyboard

Blake helps you navigate what to expect and the cool features and opportunities in the new YC61 Stage Keyboard!

Closeup of two men talking and performing.

YC61 Stage Keyboard: Live Set Sounds Video

Want to see and hear the YC61 played by a great keyboardist? Check out this Jonas Gröning video.
Electronic keyboard with a logo in upper left with words "Behind the Synth".

Behind the Synth with the YC61 Stage Keyboard

Can't miss session with Nate and Blake as they introduce you to the YC61 - an outstanding instrument for the stage OR studio.​ 
Man playing a synthesizer.

Behind the Artist: Jonas Gröning

This fabulous musician is someone you should know. Check it out as he discusses and plays the YC61.
Since 1974, Yamaha Synths have changed the face of music. Today MONTAGE is leaving its mark on the world. With sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire your creativity. It’s the culmination of almost a half century of groundbreaking ideas in one synth.


Listen to Nate and Blake get their nerd on with the CS-30 synthesizer.

London-based producer and composer Dom Sigalas shows you how to intergrate MONTAGE and MODX in Cubase.
Nate and Nick Batt of Sonicstate on a deluxe tour of Innovation Road.
Check out the NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule. 
Nate and Blake explore the awesome YC61 Stage Keyboard!
Stockholm-based keyboardist Stefan Jernståhl talks about the YC61 Stage Keyboard.

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