Sounding great while looking good - CP73 and CP88 Stage Pianos are here!

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Master Your New MODX

Get the most out of your new Yamaha MODX with a series of lessons designed specifically for you. Whether you've created with a synth before - or not - no worries! Make your own music with just a little guidance.

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Graphic poster with drawings of early synths.

Manny's FM-Xpert #5: “Everybody’s Doin’ the Knob-O-Motion”

Dr. Manny Fernandez wraps up his series ends with cool Super Knob programming tips- and one last pun. 

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Spotlight on the pianist and MODX8

Check out Yamaha artist DOMi playing and sharing her thoughts on MODX8.

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Spotlight on the keyboardist and MODX7

Learn more about Yamaha artist Nicholas Semrad and the MODX7.

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Spotlight on the synthesist and MODX6

Check out legendary electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine and the MODX6.

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For Yamaha synthesizer, workstation and stage piano owners seeking tips, sound libraries, support and a good place to hang out, is a user community that connects users with Yamaha, and, unlike unofficial sites, has the Baddest Mister in town!


Check out this remarkable video featuring Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Alfa Mist.
JAde Wii creates a relaxing soundscape with reface DX.
Understanding the function of Menus and Settings in the CP73/88 Stage Piano

Check out the remarkably talented Nahre Sol using a looper with reface CP.

Inside the E.Piano Section in CP73/88. 

For all you Legend of Zelda fans out there.
Hi all As some of you know from my previous post, I use yamah amodx and korg ...
Posted on Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Modx8. Dialpad Vs A/D Input
Hi team, In the modx8 (ver. 1.10), when I use the Dialpad, the A/D Input goe...
Posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Problems with tremolo on reface cp
Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to have the tremolo on the rd1 and rd2 voi...
Posted on Thursday, 25 April 2019

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