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  1. Donny
  2. Montage
  3. Thursday, 07 June 2018
Has anyone tied this sound Lib on Yamaha Montage?
I heard the sample and like it very much.
But there's no Montage version.
Since Montage with firmware v2.0 can import MotifXS MotifXF sound lib, it should be available for Montage.
Anyone have tried this?
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I would say ask DigitalSoundFactory - but their website seems to be "down" or with some error. There may still be an email address you can dig up. The question is going to be if they used 8-bit samples or LPC or WXC formats as these are not compatible with Montage. Someone by the luck of the draw may happen to have that set, find this message, can try it out, and respond here.
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The data will load just fine. I had the Motif XS .X0V File - loaded no problem. When buying a Motif XS/XF Library, just remember that the original author has not necessarily QC’d it for MONTAGE (probably why it is not listed under MONTAGE). If you already own it, go ahead and load it up. As I recall, it loaded just fine but there were some serendipitous programming.

The Library is the Waveform and Samples of a well sampled Steinway L acoustic piano, and there are naturally Voice combinations with other internal sounds (of course, there is the acoustic piano and some variations, but then there are piano/strings, piano/choir, piano&pad, piano&epiano etc where the programmer combines the custom Waveforms with existing Preset Elements. I did notice the Piano&Choir is actually Piano&Strings, (don’t really know why) ... it’s not a big deal but that is the kind of thing that might happen. You wouldn’t even necessarily notice it as anything bad, it’s just that instead of a choir Element, you hear a String Element - which actually works though. But I imagine the original programmer might have tweaked that one a bit.

If you are primarily interested in the acoustic piano, it will load. Then you can tweak the programming to your liking in the MONTAGE.

In general, Libraries developed for MONTAGE will naturally take advantage of any new/improved features and functions, when you by a Library for a previous keyboard expect that you may need to do some minor changes... but if that’s what you’re into it’s worth it.
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Donny Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for the detail reply.
I bought American Grand Piano Library from https://www.yamahamusicsoft.com/synth/american-grand-9
but there's too much background noise.(The same as https://yamahasynth.com/forum/american-grand-piano-library)

So I am looking for another Piano Sound Lib.
Now, I am hesitating to choose:

Academic Steinway Grand Piano Sounds

Kawai EX Pro Piano Sounds
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
When purchasing third party libraries, or any libraries for that matter, you should probably be looking at data created with the product you have specifically in mind. If you are looking for perfection (it doesn’t exist), good luck with that. Contact the companies involved, they certainly are aware of feedback on their data and may be able to assist you in your search.

Suggestion: Bypass the FX - make sure what you are describing as "background noise" is not reverberant decay. I only mention this because I recently ran into some one with a very similar complaint, and when they adjusted the reverb, suddenly they didn't hear what they had been describing as "that noise!" - worth a try... hard to tell what someone else is hearing and to determine if it belongs there or not.

Touch the "FX" at the top of the screen, this will take you to the screen where you can BYPASS the various Effect processors... Bypass the SYSTEM FX - let us know.
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Donny Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Bad Mister,
I tried with your suggestion. Unfortunately, it dosen't make any change for the noise.
And I found If I play hard enough, the noise will dissappear or if only one key pressed, there won't be any noise.
But if I press three keys together softly(with some certain strength), the noise is obvious.
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